5 Visions for the Future of New York City Streets

Last month, as part of our Home of the Future, we asked 10 urban thinkers to answer this question: "What should be the future of the New York City street?" From gadget-free sidewalks to self-driving cars, here are five visions for the streets of tomorrow. » 6/04/14 12:30pm 6/04/14 12:30pm

Playing With This Wooden Puzzle Will Chill You Out Immediately

We've had a super busy, incredibly fun, and totally nutzo week at the Home of the Future: non-stop cool events, spinning chairs, telepresence robots, and lots (and lots) of high-tech Sixpoint HopTech beer. » 5/21/14 5:00pm 5/21/14 5:00pm


Designing Future Objects for the Home with Extrapolation Factory

The New York-based design duo behind Extrapolation Factory hosted a pop-up workshop yesterday afternoon in our own pop-up space here—everything popping up!— at the Gizmodo Home of the Future in New York City, where a group of twenty or so participants put together visions of the domestic objects of tomorrow. » 5/21/14 4:20pm 5/21/14 4:20pm

Firefly Portable Vaporizer: See the Future of Smoking In Action

The Firefly Portable Vaporizer ($270) is one of the most fun items we've had in the Home of the Future. (Besides the Spun Chair of course) People have been asking throughout the run of our house how it works. Here's your answer, in video form. » 5/21/14 4:07pm 5/21/14 4:07pm


How to Pour Wine Without Ever Removing the Cork

By now you've heard a lot about the gadgets and tools at Gizmodo's Home of the Future—but here's one more that knocked our future-socks off: Coravin's Wine Access System 1000, which uses argon gas to extract wine out of a bottle without actually popping the cork. » 5/21/14 1:10pm 5/21/14 1:10pm

Come Play With Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 at Home of the Future

Now, we may be closing down our Home of the Future this afternoon, but we just added another fresh product to our catalog: a brand, spanking new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. And Home of the Future is the only place you can come see it. » 5/21/14 12:51pm 5/21/14 12:51pm

Listen to the Appliances of the Future

Last week, in collaboration with Disquiet, we turned our ears to the future of the domestic environment, tuning into the speculative sounds of the appliances of the future. The results, here on our last day of the Home of the Future, are worth a listen as you tour the home either virtually or in person. » 5/21/14 12:30pm 5/21/14 12:30pm

Tour the Home of the Future in 30 Seconds

If you aren't in New York to experience our Home of the Future, here is bit of first-person perspective. The space is abuzz with guests experiencing bits and pieces of awesome future-tech and design. » 5/21/14 9:59am 5/21/14 9:59am

I Exercised Future-Style and You Can Too

The future is fit, and our Home of the Future is stuffed to the gills with high-tech workout gear for all four seasons. It seemed only right to spend some time getting physical and fit in the present. » 5/21/14 9:24am 5/21/14 9:24am

Scenes from Gizmodo's Home of the Future Opening Night Party

Our Home of the Future is in full swing, and we kicked off the week with an opening party on Friday where guests got to experience the home and see its kinetic computer desk, spinning hydroponic towers, and telepresence robots in action. » 5/20/14 3:25pm 5/20/14 3:25pm

Why Does the Home of the Future Look So Retro?

If you've been following our Home of the Future, or if you've visited us here, you've probably noticed that a lot of what we feature here seems to carry a slightly retro tinge. That might seem counterintuitive, but it's not unintentional—in fact, it's often by design. » 5/20/14 3:07pm 5/20/14 3:07pm

Playing Pranks With Robots: A Real-Time Update From the Future

This is a look at what's happening right now at the Home of the Future: our very own Jesus Diaz has taken control of the telepresence robot and is (unsurprisingly) screwing with people. Come visit, and you, too, can play robot tag with your Gizmodo pals. » 5/20/14 1:00pm 5/20/14 1:00pm

In the Kitchen, Sometimes the Future is Timeless

Over the course of Gizmodo's Home of the Future, I've occasionally overheard someone say that a certain item doesn't seem like a product of tomorrow. But that's the beauty of the future—it has a place for classic items, too. Especially in the kitchen. » 5/20/14 12:22pm 5/20/14 12:22pm

Anki DRIVE Is the Hilariously Fun Future of Weaponized Slot Cars

These tiny little speedsters are Anki DRIVE, the awesome 21st century take on the classic slot car. They use your iPhone as both a remote control and an artificial intelligence brain, so you can race against human or a computer opponent. And did I mention these cars also have laser guns and tractor beams? » 5/19/14 3:58pm 5/19/14 3:58pm

A Self-Sustaining Indoor Garden System Made Me a Summer Fresh Sandwich

An aeroponics system called the Replenishing Tower is living in our kitchen, and it just gave me fresh-from-the-roots lettuce and basil for a sandwich. Fresh vegetables are within reach all year long in the future. » 5/19/14 3:40pm 5/19/14 3:40pm

These Sennheiser Headphones Live in the Future and on My Head

These hot red Sennheiser Momentum headphones used to live in the bedroom of the future and now they live on my head. I picked them up a few days ago and haven't been able to take them off. » 5/19/14 12:16pm 5/19/14 12:16pm

Here's Every Product We Have in the Home of the Future

Herman Miller couches! Edible glasses! Telepresence robots! Here is everything we have in our Home of the Future and where you can buy these things. » 5/19/14 11:41am 5/19/14 11:41am

Come Touch Tomorrow's (Unused!) Sex Toys at the Home of the Future

If there's one thing that humans can't afford to stop doing with each other, it's having sex. And as long as machines that make it feel even better are available, you're going to want those machines in your bedroom. Naturally, the bedroom in Gizmodo's Home of the Future is full of them. » 5/18/14 5:30pm 5/18/14 5:30pm